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Linze Pattison


My name is Linze Pattison and I am so honored you are considering me to help you in healing journey. 

I graduated from Asbury Seminary with a MFA in Marriage and Family Therapy and from Savannah College of Art and Design with my BFA. I help individuals who have been hurt by the people and relationships around them. I use Internal Family Systems and Expressive Arts Therapy to help my clients discover different inner-parts of themselves who need healing and validation. Many of our parts have become hidden for protection because it is to painful to connect and feel. I believe validation is the key to healing and we will work together to validate all the parts of you that are hurt, so that you can become balanced, validated and healed. 

I specialize in working with teens to adults who have experienced childhood sexual trauma. I help those who have experienced terrible trauma while they their brains were still developing, by validating their experiences, using A.R.T (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) to remove the triggering images from the trauma, and process the parts of them that are stuck in the age where the trauma happened. We also focus on physical symptoms and how to help the body heal those somatic experiences when they arise in session and in their lives. Trauma at any age is terrible and hard to work through, but with care, respect and patience you can heal what has been hurt. 

I also provide help for couples and families who have suffered traumatic events. Trauma does not just affect one individual, but the whole system. I can help you reconnect, learn to build trust, and communicate in a healthy way with those you love and care about. 

I am inspired by by Virginia Satir, Carl Whitaker, and Richard Schwartz. 

I am a Christian LGBTQ friendly therapist and I have worked with clients who have struggled with their sexuality and helped them become comfortable being who they are and who they want to be. I believe that everyone deserves to feel heard, safe, validated, wanted, and loved.

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