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Welcome to Side by Side Counseling, a female owned and led private practice based in Austin Texas that is dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness. Our mission is to eliminate mental health stigma by raising awareness of, appreciation for, and acceptance of mental health self-care. At Side by Side Counseling, our mission is to support and empower our therapists so they can provide the highest quality care to the community. Our therapists are the heart of our practice, and we are dedicated to ensuring they are able to bring their whole selves to their work. We understand the challenges that come with being a therapist, and we are committed to fostering an environment of self-care, growth, financial prosperity and fulfillment.
We believe our therapists are working Side by Side with our clients, and we strive to maintain a collaborative and equal relationship through the process. We believe old structures and hierarchy need to evolve and that understanding power differentials in relationships and society will provide a better way of being. We also believe that every person has the power to heal themselves, and that we are here to provide the tools, support, and guidance necessary to facilitate that healing process.

While we do offer telehealth because we understand the importance of having regular access to mental health care, we believe that human interaction Side by Side is the best way to provide quality care. That is why a caring client care manager who knows you and knows the community will answer the phone and greet you and our clients every day. We believe that providing a human touch to every interaction is key to creating a safe and welcoming environment for our therapists and clients to flourish.

We take pride in our workspace and we believe it plays an underappreciated role in creating an enriching environment for our therapists and clients to do their work. We strive to blend the unique style of our team members with an overall ambiance that is a blend of comfort and dignity.

Overall, our mission is to create a practice that puts the well-being of our therapists at the forefront. We are committed to providing a supportive and empowering environment that allows our therapists to thrive so our clients can heal, grow and flourish.

At Side by Side Counseling, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental health care, and we are committed to providing the best atmosphere for our clients to thrive. We work hard to accept many insurances and make mental health services accessible to all.

If you are looking for compassionate and professional counseling services in the Austin area, we invite you to reach out to Side by Side Counseling today. Our goal is to help you lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life by providing you with the tools and support you need to thrive as a Therapist.

If you feel you can bring your whole self and be part of a practice that wants you to come as you are, please be advised of the following when applying:

  • Master’s Degree in counseling, social work, or marriage and family therapy
  • Active, unrestricted license (LPC, LCSW, LP, LMFT) in the State of Texas
  • Available 30 hours a week with the expectation of holding at least 25 client hours
  • Want to be a part of a positive work community


  • Health Insurance Stipend

    Health Insurance Stipend

  • Reimbursement for CEUs

    Reimbursement for CEUs

  • Hybrid telehealth option

    Hybrid telehealth option

  • Flexible work schedule

    Flexible work schedule

  • Paid Onboarding

    Paid Onboarding

  • Career planning

    Career planning

  • License Reimbursement

    License Reimbursement

We have three convenient office locations in downtown Austin, Round Rock and Killeen. Wednesdays are our group clinicals and once a month we meet for dinner and fellowship.

For fully licensed applicants must send resume and cover letter to