John RIzzo, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

John Rizzo


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) in Killeen, TX

In my life I've worked as a dishwasher, cook, professional musician, construction worker, salesman, nursery school teacher, and psychiatric technician. I went into the counseling field because I enjoy being with people of all ages and want to help them in a significant way. I became a family therapist at the age of 43. I have been a licensed LMFT for over 15 years now so don't try and guess my age! Outside of work I enjoy volunteering in the community at senior centers, psychiatric hospitals and schools. I've volunteered as a music group leader, occupational and art therapist assistant, and a pet therapy handler. I have a life long passion for singing, drumming, and dog training.

My skills and special training include: Individual, couple, group and multi-family group counseling. I have special training in multi-family support for difficult children and teens with their overwhelmed parents. I am certified in the Parenting with Love and Limits program by Savannah Family Institute. I have special training in: psycho spiritual counseling and psycho synthesis techniques, art and occupational therapy, bio feedback, brain entrainment, guided imagery, meditation, non violent communication and anger management techniques. I am also experienced and trained in working with substance abuse disorders, sexual addictions, chronic and severe mental health diagnosis.

The word therapy means to help. I like to keep this reality focused. This might not always mean getting in touch with your inner child. Instead it probably means to tell your inner adult to go out and get a job or your inner parent how to be calm and assertive! Counseling is more like going to school in a collaborative seminar atmosphere. It's not like going to the doctor and getting a pill. I want that one you know the one you hear advertised on TV that will solve all your problems.

In our collaboration both of us will have homework assignments and research between weekly sessions. My responsibility is provide you with a road map (treatment plan) so you know at all times how far along you are in the process (like map quest). This is done by using attainable goals and measurable objectives (small measurable steps) to attaining those goals. Your responsibility is to be as honest with me and yourself as you possibly can be. I understand that this is difficult and painful and may take time. The treatment plan will show us how far you have traveled on the roadmap to more functionality and we'll know very clearly when therapy is complete.

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