How do I pick the perfect gift?


If you want to give gifts that your friends and family will talk about for years to come, then I recommend you read the book The 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Garry Chapman.You are probably thinking: How is reading a book going to help me pick the perfect gift? Let me answer that question.

Dr. Chapman’s postulates that we don't all speak the same love language. It doesn't matter how hard you try to let your partner know you love them, if you both don't speak the same language. Your partner will not receive the message if you don't speak their love language or if they don't have the awareness that you speak a different language.

For example: If I was dating someone who spoke Portuguese, I could try to explain to them how I felt using English, but it would be extremely difficult for them to understand. So, if we learn what our love language is and the love language of the people around us, then we can communicate better. Let me attempt to help you pick the perfect gift by describing different love languages,

The five love languages, defined by Dr. Chapman, and my suggestions for gifts ideas are:

  1. Receiving Gifts - This person will be easy to shop for because they will feel a sense of love no matter how big or small the present. Receiving a gift from you represents the time, resources, and effort you are giving to the receiver.
  2. Words of Affirmation - This person will enjoy reading a personal message. They may have a box of greeting cards they have saved to reread to remember past special moments. Try gifting a book you picked special for them, or write them a poem or a song about how special they are in your life.
  3. Acts of Service - This person is challenging to shop for because you cannot buy someone to give your time. Try making a coupon to do a task they dislike. For example: kids might enjoy a “Skip My Chore” coupon or “I Will Do Your Laundry” coupon. Get creative.
  4. Quality Time - This person wants your undivided attention and might like a gift card to their favorite eatery with a note explaining that you would like to take them out to eat. Kids might like a coupon for a “Walk Around the Block Together” or “Library Trip - You and Me.”
  5. Physical Touch - This person might enjoy a massage gift certificate, manicure gift certificate, hairstyle gift certificate, or coupons you make for hugs and kisses from you.

If you want to learn your Love Language, then take Dr. Chapman’s free quiz!

Click on the link below which will take you to Dr. Chapman’s website. When you get to the website click on the quizzes tab. You will find several choices. Pick the Love Language option. You will get two new options. You can take the quiz for yourself or for your child. If you pick for yourself, you will then need to pick if you are in a relationship or single. You need approximately 10-15 minutes to answer the questions and then you will receive an explanation of your Love Language.

Hope this was helpful and I look forward to writing the next blog!

Sandra Bravo

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