Owner Spotlight: Cynthie Grace


I’m Cynthie Grace, proud owner and a Licensed Professional Counselor at Side by Side Wellness Center.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

The most enjoyable part of my job is interacting with my clients. I feel a wonderful sense of purpose when they share how their changed behavior and healthy choices have positively affected their lives.

I am in the business of offering therapy because I believe in the value that it brings to people’s lives. I personally grew from my own experiences in therapy.

I grew up in the small farming community of Memphis in Michigan. My family moved around quite a bit through my post-secondary years. I attended three different schools. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters of Education in Guidance & Counseling from South Texas College. These two degrees were the right choice for me because I believe that both art and counseling are effective forms of communication.

I have been a licensed, professional counselor for over twenty years. Side by Side Wellness Center has also been in business for over twenty years. Along with my family, I acquired COT in August 2016.

Before this, my Husband and I owned and managed a hardware store for seven years in our hometown of Memphis, Michigan. In 2013, my husband, our four sons, daughters-in-law, and I purchased a contract manufacturing company located in Round Rock, Texas (www.hagbros.com). We have worked hard and grown that business from three employees to over fifty.

Side by Side Wellness Center has two locations located in Killeen and Round Rock, Texas. We have a total of eleven therapists. All our therapists have a wide range of experiences and expertise. Some of us have worked at Side by Side Wellness Center for over ten years.

As the business owner, I have many responsibilities. First and foremost, I see approximately 37 clients per week. Additionally, I support our therapists through a weekly meeting to assign cases and hear their thoughts and concerns. I am in charge of attracting high quality therapists to join our team so I schedule a few interviews each week.

I also oversee office maintenance. I am currently working with our interior designer, Leila, to update our space. We are planning to open up two more offices over the next year and looking to hire twelve to fifteen more therapists.

My typical day starts early! I wake up at five in the morning and start my day with a jog or trip to the gym. After my workout, I eat a healthy breakfast. Typically, I schedule meetings for the various projects that I am working on between 8:00 a.m. and noon. Then I head into the office and see my clients until six or eight in the evening. If I am lucky, I will able to work on my art before I meet my husband for dinner and head home for the night.

When it comes to making important decisions, I ask myself “is this course in alignment with the high standard we want to set?” I am obliged to evaluate every decision against this criteria; from the perspective of an owner, as well as that of a therapist.

The three most important skills I use to perform my job are:

  1. creating a culture of wellness,
  2. developing a vision for our colleagues and clients,
  3. reflective listening and guidance.

I attribute my success to my life experience and the entrepreneurial values my family instilled in me. My parents were entrepreneurs. My family has always been involved in business. I don't think it’s accurate to say "my" success; I believe everyone in my family had a hand in shaping each and every business I’ve been involved in.

My mom, my husband Dennis, and the diverse styles of my sons Josh, Dennis, Aaron and Alex have all influenced my leadership and personal development over the years. Additionally, my amazing, strong, daughters-in-law have taught me how being a woman and a leader work well side-by-side.

I genuinely admire the business that my family run. The metal shop, Hagbros Precision, is such a fascinating place. Every time I set foot in the shop, I see the amazing work of the machinists and the engineers; they are true artists in my eyes. Most people don't get to see behind the scenes of creating the things that makes our lives easier. Watching these objects come together is truly incredible. It could be the the mold that makes the chair your child sits on at school or the armrest of your commercial airlines seat.

I am from Michigan, home of the Motor City! Growing up with lathes, mills and grinders in my basement planted the love and respect I have for our capacity to make objects. In my teens, I ran a grinder in my parent’s shop along with the machinists. That experience has created the space in me that loves metal and the creative process. But, most importantly, none of it would be possible without the people doing this incredible work.

Away from work, I am an artist. I work with pastels, oils and wood and metal. I am currently creating work for the shared space walls of the Side by Side Wellness Center. I also facilitate an Illumine My Spirit women's group that links yoga and art. We aim to create a space for recognizing our inner truths.

And of course, my eight beautiful grandchildren are my true entertainment and bring an immense amount of joy to my life.

I strongly believe in giving back to my community. I worked hard to promote non violent communication in accountability groups aimed at court-ordered men. This gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the fear behind violence. I also have extensive volunteer experience at my local women's shelter. I am a member of the Tahirih Justice Institute that assists women and young girls seeking asylum.

I was raised to work hard but to also stay connected to my own spiritual self. I always check in with myself to evaluate my motivation. It’s extremely important to me that my choices reflect my genuine inspiration.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from our expert mental health counselling services in Killeen, Round Rock and surrounding areas in Central Texas, I invite you to get in touch.



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